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Football Performance Program

Football Performance Program

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NB7 performance gym program focuses on enhancing players' abilities with a blend of plyometrics for explosive power, fitness drills for endurance, core balance and mobility exercises for agility, also power training for strength & speed.

Take your training to the next level with the NB7 program. More than 500 atheltes have used this program now its your turn!

  What you will get:

 •Plyometric Workouts

 •Abs workouts

 •Outdoor Running Sessions

 •Upper Body Strength Workouts

 •Treadmill Sessions

 •Ball Drills & Sessions 

 •Lower Body Strength Workouts

 •Mobility Workouts

 •Video demos

 •Balance Workouts

 •Agility & Speed Sessions 

 •Private access to my app!





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